Internet of things – IoT

Who loves Internet? If you haven’t used google, DuckDuckgo, Yahoo at work to do your job better, then you are wrong. Who loves things? the coach you’re lying on, those tins in the fridge, friends that you hold, well pretty much of us, so what is Internet of Things ?

Nowadays in a digital world, we can make everything to talk each other, we can make computer and smart phones talk each other, we can make social media network as Facebook, Pinterest talk each other. But in a physical world, we were far from this because our technological development stopped here. But now, we are able to build a network, which means, that multiple of physical objects to be connected to Internet and it allows you and it allows to physical object to send, so you and the physical object can create and transmit, receive, so you and physical object can receive and interpret, and exchange data, so you and the physical object can have conversations with things around.

Internet of Things is all  about connecting embedded systems, small microcontroler-based computers that do no require a human interface and collect data, that has valuate and is part of a larger system. It brings together two involving technologies: wireless connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, ZigBee or Bluetooth and small sensors. IoT opens a new era in our daily lives and presents so many different opportunities as we are entering in a state where everything will be connected and the impact of IoT will be more than $11 trillion a year by 2015 across Factories, Cities, Vehicles, Offices, Health Care, Human and Safety.

Our daily lives has been alterated again and we haven’t noticed yet, indeed!.

Innovation Ireland Forum: Keynote by Philip Moynagh


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