Money and happiness

Some people would say that money can buy your happiness while others would be disagree. But If I changed the sentence and asked instead- would you be happy if you had suddenly 600 euro in your wallet? or would you be happy if you won the lotto? I say YES, and I am sure that the majority of people will be also agree. If I had suddenly 600 euro, I would pay my rent right now!

In a real world where angel guard rarely appears and we are forced to work between 8 and ten hours diary and pay our bills, the relationship between what we earn and how we feel seems to be a bit more complex an interesting. People with higher incomes apparently tend to be, broadly speaking, happier than those struggled to get by. Money ensures security, better standards of education and suitable medical facilities. But happiness is not guaranteed exclusively by money, even if we could afford expensive items. Driving a Mercedes car is not synonymous with happiness and resent researches have proved it so. They asked to a great number of people, men and women aged range between 30-40 years-old, Can money buy happiness?, and they found these responses.

Only the 30% of respondents, confirmed that money, in fact, can buy experiences and that we are the sum total of our experiences. What is really make me happy is the way I am spending money, If I had more money, I probably lived in a more comfortable apartment, helped my family and I would keep my older car, I simply love it! Spending money in a luxurious mansion with a Jacuzzi would make me unsecured! Am I an idiot! they said.

The 50% also ensured that, money can effectively buy happiness and that the would be happier wearing a Rolex than a Casio watch, they commented.

The last 10% affirmed that, money cannot buy happiness and that commuters with lower- incomes are more often to be happier than citizens with higher-incomes, money calls more and more money and it never ends! the argued.

When people say that money cannot buy happiness, they are probably not spending  in the right way!

Michael Norton – Money and happiness, by TEDx.


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