Midway, Hawaii…plastic fossil islands

Have you ever wondered where plastic bottles, empty and discarded, might end up their journey? Did you know that just only one plastic bottle needs around 800 years to fully decompose? Did you know that some bottles end up in a landfill, that is expanded each day, as more trash come in and continue to take more space?  Did you know that some bottles journey are stranger, but unfortunately, no happier? Message in a bottle

Plastic bottles float on a trickle that reaches a stream, the stream flows into a river and a river reaches the ocean. After days, months, even years, lost at sea, they eventually end up into a massive vortex, where trash accumulates, a place known as The Pacific Garbage Patch. This is one of the five plastic-filled in the world seas. Places where the pollution turns the water into a plastic and poisoned soup and seabirds and other animals mistake the brightly coloured plastic for food..What we throw away everyday enters the food we consume from!

The cause of this environmental nightmare is uniquely human. We use plastics in our daily lives, from grocery bag s to flip-flops and we do a poor job of disposing of it properly. When you throw your empty water bottle in the trash you most likely don’t think it will end up in te ocean.

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh travels to Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean to investigate how the plastic we throw away everyday enters the food chain and possibly, our bodies


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